CCTV Inspection

CCTV drain and sewer cameras are effective in determining causes for issues such as re-occurring sewer and storm water blockages. A drain inspection is performed by sending down a specially designed drain camera. This is a great way to identify problem areas and work out the best way to repair them. If it is a blockage, our powerful water jetting equipment can have it fixed in no time. If it is a crack or deteriorated pipe, we can normally fix this with our state of the art pipe relining equipment. Call us today.

CCTV Inspection Technology
The long term effects of defective drainage can lead to what is commonly called 'wash out'. This term, refers to the softening or displacement of the sub strata surrounding the drain itself or in some cases the foundations of the property. Drainage systems can be quite complex and it is always prudent to have the drains checked properly on a regular basis or before purchase, especially if the property is suffering from any structural defects. With the latest CCTV equipment, we can quickly identify problem areas with the underground drains and provide solutions for their rectification.

Video technology provides a no-mess, clean and accurate way to see the problem. Drain/Pipe Scope Video camera in-line inspections determine the nature of the problem(s) and/or the sewer pipe condition, which cannot be confirmed by snaking or rootering on its own. The camera is also a proactive way to check out the drains, or any pipe system in any home or commecial property. A small amount of time and small investment can save you a large amount of time in cleanup, money and headaches. A video sewer or perimeter drain tile pipe scope camera inspection allows FBI Plumbing to give you the peace of mind regarding your underground plumbing systems in no time at all.

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